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JM: Provider Application

Designated Exam Administrator:

The Exam administrator serves as the primary contact for the Associate exam and is responsible for:

  • Assuring adherence to all NABCEP policies and procedures
  • Communicating to all exam personnel

Note: Instructors are not allowed access to the Exam and may not be the designated Exam Administrator or Proctor for the Exam.

Students have two options for taking the Associate Exam:

  1. On-site, in a paper and pencil (P&P) format
  2. Off-site, in a computer-based testing (CBT) format, at one of several hundred Castle Worldwide testing sites across North America.

Exam Admin Center

Exam Admin Contact Info:

Street Address: Order
Exam Admin RightAll applicants must download and read the Exam Administration Manual and download and sign the Exam Administration Agreement Form.

Signed Exam Admin Agreement:

Maximum file size: 16 MB
Allowed extensions: pdf jpg jpeg tif tiff

Upon application approval, login credentials will be sent to the Exam Administrator.

Each "step" or page of the form has x fields on it. We need to determine, for each step, how many of the fields have been filled out.


Please thoroughly review the Associate Provider Info Packet before completing your application.